PLEASE NOTE: As of September 10th 2018 Pobal Maps will no longer host the Tusla inspection reports.
These can now be found on the Tulsa website via this link.

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About This Resource

Pobal Maps is a free Geographical Information System which provides a range of functions, such as area deprivation profiling, details on Childcare Services, plus a range of other funded services throughout the Republic of Ireland.

For more detailed information about the system, plus user guides and tutorial videos, please visit the Resources section.

About Pobal

Pobal acts as an intermediary for programmes funded by the Irish Government and the EU.

We do this by supporting groups and communities across the country that are applying for, or receiving, funding for specific programmes. In practical terms, this can involve assessing funding applications, providing support, checking financial returns, processing payments, and auditing to ensure funds are used for the intended purposes.



How to Access Pobal Maps and the Home Screen
Childcare Facilities
The Deprivation Index Viewer
Reports, General data and Pobal Programmes


Childcare Services

Find a Childcare Service


Pobal HP Deprivation Indices

Analyse areas with high levels of affluence or disadvantage

General Data

General Data

Access general administrative boundary and transport data


Profile Your Area

Generate demographic and deprivation analytical reports

Pobal Services


Access a range of Pobal funded programmes


Dept. Children and Youth Affairs

Access a range of DCYA Funded Services For Young People

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